How can I deposit AED on BitOasis?

  • Visit the “Deposit Money” page in order to begin placing a deposit order. Fill in the AED amount that you would like to transfer, note down your User ID number, click ‘confirm’ to proceed.

  • After selecting AED amount, proceed with initiating your online money transfer manually to our bank account (You can find our bank details on the second page after you place your deposit order on the “Deposit Money” page.).
  • We’ll receive your payment on the same day or next business day if you’re sending from UAE. If not, it may take up to 1–3 business days.
  • After we confirm receiving your online money transfer, your AED balance is updated with your AED credit that you can immediately exchange to digital assets at the exchange rate available.
  • Local and international deposits now have a minimum amount of 300 AED.